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Available to enhance your growth in awareness, inner wisdom and being.
Compact Discs:
from words to POWER...discovering the power beneath affirmative prayer treatment
Single CD: $15 donation +$3.95 S/H

Move deeper into powerful prayer by increasing your energy awareness.


Tracks 1-3 take you deeper into the power behind the 5 steps.
Track 4 is a rare glimpse into the perceptions during a spoken prayer treatment.
Tracks 5- 20 are powerful affirmative prayers that can be played again and again to assist you on your life's journey.
Track List:
Track 1: Going vertical
Track 2: Empowering the 5 steps
Track 3: A prayer treatment
Tracks 5 - 8: Personal relations: 4 prayers
Tracks 9 - 10: Sexual Relations: 2 prayers
Tracks 11 - 12: Creativity: 2 prayers
Tracks 13 - 14: Inner Peace: 2 prayers
Tracks 15 - 16: Self Esteem: 2 prayers
Tracks 17 - 18 Abundance/Prosperity: 2 prayers
Tracks 19 - 20 Universal: 2 prayers

Meditation: beginnings
Single CD: $15 donation +$3.95 S/H

Contemporary meditations celebrating deepening awareness and Presence in daily life.


These five meditations are based on Eckhart Tolle's "The Power
of NOW", recorded live with Carole Ann Drick in Nashville, TN.
Track List:
1. Inner Body <<Listen to Sample>>
2. Deepening Presence <<Listen to Sample>>
3. Healing Awareness <<Listen to Sample>>
4. Immune Strengthening <<Listen to Sample>>
5. Breathing into Presence <<Listen to Sample>>

What people are saying:
" takes me to a different dimension."
-J. Zorn, Poland, Ohio
"Carole Ann's CD is WONDERFUL! You should buy 20 copies and give it to all your friends. It will change their lives."
-M. Mangus Akron, Ohio
"Quite nice!!! Made me feel ALIVE! I am giving it to yoga and meditation friends."
-S. Cagle Indianapolis, IN

Deepening Stillnesss
Double CD: $20 donation +$3.95 S/H

Deeper than our conscious mind is a place within that knows vast stillness…


Inspired by the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, Carole Ann gently guides you in timeless truths to feed our soul’s expression through profound meditation.

Disc 1. <<Listen to Sample>>
Disc 2. <<Listen to Sample>>

PRESENCE to make the shift
Double CD: $20 donation +$3.95 S/H

Now is the time to weave present moment awareness into the fabric of your life and begin living Presence in all aspects of your life.


Join Carole Ann on this 2 CD set and begin to increase present moment awareness and move in the timeless now. The missing element is attention to that quality of relaxed alertness. Through practice begin to sharpen and sustain your inner alertness and discover the results… clarity, health, joy, creativity.

Recorded live at First Sunday, An Institute of Noetic Sciences Community Group in Nashville, Tennessee.

Disc 1. <<Listen to Sample>>
Disc 2. <<Listen to Sample>>

End Of Life: Nursing Solutions for Death with Dignity
by: Lynn Keegan & Carole Ann Drick
End Of Life

Changing Consciousness takes place one person at a time.
We are in a place where we can take a giant step in changing End of Life care for ourselves, our children, our grandchildren and others! For the first time here is a main stream book that looks at the problems that are confronting us in quality at end of life AND both a physical solution and a consciousness solution.
Available for purchase at Springer Publishing Company

Mother Stories: Through our Mothers’ Death and Dying
by: Carole Ann Drick

Mother Stories Study Guide Mother Stories Study Guide. You will need Adobe Reader to view these pages.  Get Adobe Reader


Sixteen true stories of women moving past their grief to discover the world beyond form and their realizations of the priceless gifts received through their mothers’ death and dying.
Available for purchase at

Reviews and what people are saying:
"This life affirming, spiritual awakening collection of short stories is a must read for all women! The book is a gem, and like a gem, sometimes the bright glint of reflected light causes your eyes to tear. These stories cause the event that many of us turn away from due to fear of the unknown to transform into an occasion that brings joy and a new awakening of understanding of tke meaning of death and dying. For those who still have living mothers, the knowledge gleaned from this book helps to foster the relationships with our mothers or our daughters in the precious moments that remain."
-Lynn Keegan, author
 Port Author, Washington

"This book’s best quality is its message to ‘motherless adults’ that they should not hide or harden to the pain… The brave women who shared their stories within the book help to lead the way for other women. ‘Mother Stories’ reminds every women who has lost her mother that she is not alone in her journey. Hospice and other nurses who work wit the terminally ill can also benefit from the book…"
-Jeanne Crawford, MA, MPH
 American Holistic Nurses’ Association Director

"I received Mother Stories yesterday and spent all day reading it from cover to cover and shedding a lot of tears along the way. I enjoyed the book immensely and could so identify with the descriptions of your mother! She sounds a lot like mine in many ways. I could empathize with your responses, as they too, are similar to mine. What a pleasant surprise! Thanks again, the book is a wonderful read."
-Karen Reese RN, MA, CHTP Nebraska
"Reviewing the different stories of each author mothers' life and death started me to think of my own mother’s life and her death... this is a wonderful way to heal and to pass a gift of love to family and friends... this book allows others the opportunity to revisit the life and death of someone close to them and to even bring closure to their relationships. I feel empowered, renewed, recharged, and motivated to also take a look at the life and story of my mother as well. I salute each of you."
-Alice J. Brown, Sr. Minister
 Living Truth Center for Better Living, Inc.

"Mothers give many gifts during a lifetime, but these writers find that the giving continued, even after their mothers’ deaths. Drick collected 16 essays by women, including herself, who consider their mothers’ deaths to be gifts of transformation and reflection…. While these essays differ somewhat in their style and circumstance, they are all rooted in spiritual explanation... each woman writes of the peace, love, well-being and true communion they reached as a result of their mothers’ deaths."
-Kirkus Discoveries