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Conscious Health & Healing
Accumulating resistance to what is, in your mind and body eventually impairs the cell’s natural ability to regenerate and renew. Over time the cells become less and less efficient; the immune system lowers. The more Presence, the more conscious awareness you bring into the body, the more the cells respond and the immune system strengthens.

"Nature never lies… nature makes you wise"
-The Beatles

In the present NOW moment there are neither problems nor illnesses. The label given to an illness takes a temporary imbalance and makes it into a concrete reality. When you focus on the NOW the mind does not label the condition. The illness becomes simplified into physical symptoms or bodily feelings such as: weakness, discomfort, pain or disability. These symptoms are what you accept in the NOW moment not the illness. It is these symptoms (some times) that you work with. Through deep inner awareness of the Stillness you discover the return to balance.

"A problem cannot be solved at the same level
of consciousness that created it."

-Albert Einstein

Radiant Health
begins with knowing the truth about who you really are. From this inner awareness you observe the body, the mind and their conditions, aches, pains and emotions. Mental conclusions and opinions are then seen for what they really are – identification with the thinking mind. Cause and effect are then realized on a deeper level.

Your natural feedback system is constantly giving you hints for sustaining a balanced state of health. Observing your inner body and cooperating with your inner ecology opens the doors for your natural state of being and balance to emerge.

We can assist in identifying what your inner body is saying to you through a Conscious Health Reading.

What is a Conscious Health Reading?
A Conscious Health Reading is a simple yet extremely accurate way of locating sources of imbalance in the body PLUS simple and easy ways to rebalance the body/mind. It considers most factors of living which may be stressful to our body/mind including: breathing, eating, drinking, thinking patterns, skin contact, exercise, and other factors, which may need your attention. Solutions are discovered through our deep inherent wisdom emerging out of stillness and validated through deep heart intuitive kinesiology. The greater mind communicates with the attuned facilitator's mind, thereby eliciting helpful information.

The reading takes the facilitator 4 - 6 hours, which includes deep meditation, stillness and intuitive kinesiology. Up to an hour of telephone counseling follows. Then the results are mailed to you. Reports range from 6 to 18+ pages. The facilitators are available to help locate what is needed, to assist with implementing the findings, as well as providing spiritual support. Offered both at the Conscious Living Center and via telephone.

Donation: $300. Please fill out this form to register.

"You’ve had a life time of listening to your body’s own wisdom…
Have you been paying attention?"

-Andrew Weil