title sessions with carole ann

Consciousness Deepening Experiences
Five experiential consciousness deepening experiences are currently available for your growth. Some of these experiences are offered only in person while others may also be available via telephone.

•Deepening Presence
•Opening into Presence
•Presence Process Journeying
•Prayer Treatment
•Residential Stays

Deepening Presence
Starting from where you are, these 50 minute sessions assist you to turn your attention within, discover your inner body awareness and begin to vibrationally feel the response to your thoughts and actions. The power of the breath is deepened. Activities of daily living become the places of practice to sensitize your awareness of the Inner Presence that is always aware and giving you tremendous information and guidance. Offered both at the Conscious Living Center and via telephone. Donation: $125/ session. Please fill out this form to register.

Opening into Presence
This three-fold healing experience of body, mind and spirit purifies the inner and outer being. Using deep cleansing breathing, lymphatic and muscular massage plus spiritual coaching, a powerful purifying is experienced.

Prior to the Opening into Presence experience, essential oils and music are intuitively selected for the one who is the center of the opening. As the Universal Healing Energy courses through the body, there is a release on all levels. Various emotions are often felt as one moves deeper into the True Self. Physical detoxification happens; confining ideas and perceptions un-anchor. Movement to a new level of awareness is the innate outcome. At the close of the experience a gentle meditation deepens the awareness of the power of this purifying experience. The 2 hour session is available at the Conscious Living Center with a donation of $250. Please fill out this form to register.

Presence Process Journeying (A 14 week tele-journey in Presence)
Carole Ann Drick with Author Michael Brown

"We no longer need to feel that the path tread by most of humanity is one of quiet desperation. In The Presence Process: A Healing Journey into Present Moment Awareness by Michael Brown, we now have a sensible step-by-step procedure that empowers us to heal the ghosts from our past so we can live liberated lives Now.

What was hard to explain has now been written. What was previously assumed to be a peaceful territory available only to the “spiritual adept” is now open to all. By simply reading this book, our perceptions are cleansed. By participating experientially in The Presence Process, our life experience enters healing. The Presence Process takes a bold step into a new Paradigm of healthcare."

This weekly tele-journey is about traveling together through the presence process.

Your 14 week telephone journey consists of:
 1. The first 2 weeks: one hour each week as we prepare for the journey.
 2. The middle 10 weeks journeying together includes:
     •Weekly reading assignments
     •Twice daily conscious connected breathing
     •Powerful weekly presence activating statements
     •Weekly 15 minute support dialogue with Carole Ann to enhance your experience and
       assist with questions and the speed bumps encountered.
 3. The last 2 weeks: one hour each week as we realize the gifts and awarenesses that we have received.

Donation $210 plus cost of book. Please fill out this form to register.

Prayer Treatment
Scientific Affirmative Prayer Treatment has been documented as the most powerful and effective prayer method. Carole Ann has been using scientific prayer treatment since 1989 and knows the Universal Power that it invokes.

After identifying what you need, powerful affirmative prayer reminds you of the Truth of who you are rebalancing any concerns and fears into the strength of spiritual knowing. Prayer work may be both written and spoken.

This 10 to 45 minutes may take various forms from receiving a powerful calming prayer treatment to learning to do this powerful mode of praying yourself. Available both at the Conscious Living Center and via the telephone. A donation for this work is gratefully appreciated. Please contact Carole Ann directly using the e-mail link at the top of the page.

Residential Stays
There are a limited number of individual residential stays available at the Conscious Living Center for the purpose of retreat, renewal, healing and spiritual deepening. These range from a weekend to an intensive 10 to 14 day healing and renewal. The donation has a base of $100/day and is dependent on the level of participation at the time of the stay. Please contact Carole Ann directly using the e-mail link at the top of the page with specific questions and inquiries.