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Consciousness Building
Sessions are based on a simple yet extremely effective approach to living, which unfolds naturally based on where you are in your life and what you need. As a consequence no two sessions are the same.

Photo by Melissa Meese
"To meet everything and everyone through stillness
instead of mental noise
is the greatest gift you can offer the Universe!"

-Eckhart Tolle

How it works
There is a place within each of us, which knows and recognizes Truth. Closer than your breath this place of Consciousness, of Presence is still yet vibrant and alive. In these 50 minute sessions Carole Ann assists you to move deeper into your Inner Wisdom increasing clarity around your recurring stumbling blocks. By becoming conscious of the inner cause and working at the point of origin rather than trying to fix the outer physical effects, these awarenesses change your consciousness and hence your life… Life becomes easier and simpler.

"Is it possible to live and heal in the present moment?"

The Process
Conscious Living sessions can be held either on the telephone or in person. Both are quite effective and provide a time of deep inner work with results.

These intense sessions provide support for those desiring a deepening root in Consciousness. Thus the major focus is on the inner feeling/emotional level of awareness. This energetic level of awareness becomes stronger and easier with practice. In these sessions your specific life situation is an opportunity to bring the light of Consciousness/Presence into your personal difficulties and challenges. Through inquiry and insight solutions emerge out of inner causal awareness.

At the agreed upon time find a quiet place where you can talk and not be disturbed. If you experience a busy signal when you dial the telephone number, please hang up and wait 5 minutes and dial again. I am expecting your call. Tissues are always nice to have available.

If you must cancel your session, please email me at the earliest time possible so we will reschedule your session.

After a session people often report feeling a greater sense of stillness and clarity coupled with a deeper sense of inner peace and increasing ability to bring awareness into the moment.

Donation: $125/ session. Please fill out this form to register and Carole Ann will e-mail you regarding appointment times and payment options.