About Carole Ann Drick
Carole Ann Drick with Dr. Morguelan

Since 1989 Carole Ann has facilitated 1000s of private sessions all over the planet. Her compassion and gentle energy invite you deeper into the Truth of who you are. You are Life always expressing. Being with Carole Ann is a gentle invitation to enter Presence more deeply. She is now available locally in the Austintown, Ohio area for private sessions and internationally via telephone and the Internet for those desiring to work more closely and individually.

Session Types
Consciousness Building: Sessions are based on a simple yet extremely effective approach to living, which unfolds naturally based on where you are in your life and what you need. As a consequence no two sessions are the same. For more information and to register click here.

Conscious Health & Healing: Create living health that nourishes the body, mind, and spirit. Using intuitive heart-connected kinesiology, prominent stress factors specific to each person are identified and the direction and effectiveness of various forms of treatment and recovery systems is determined. Factors considered include: breathing, drinking, thinking, skin contact, belief systems, eating habits, exercise and other factors which may need your attention. A comprehensive report of personalized solutions and supportive information is provided. For more information and to register click here

Consciousness Deepening Experiences: Once your intention to deepen your conscious awareness is set, the next step is attention. Becoming more aware of this alert ever-present Presence calls for discovering and releasing whatever is holding you back. For more information and to register click here