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On Deepening Presence

  "I enjoyed spending the hour with you. The meditation was powerful and so deep. I have a great sense of openness and lightness in my heart. I went home and spent time by myself being still. Being in this state has so helped me in my daily life."
   -Arlene, Youngstown, OH

  "I am taking my mother to the surgeon this afternoon. I notice a restriction in my breathing. I think it may be related to work or, most likely, a summation of things. I'm not fighting it. Instead, I am settling back into it to know it. I chose not to run today so I don't push through it only for it to arise again."
   -Email from Ann

   "After dinner with friends, the table was cleared in preparation for dessert that my partner and I brought. As we were tasting dessert, the subject of what was in the dessert came up. Much to our host's chagrin, he was eating shredded coconut and ENJOYING it. For years old thought patterns of not liking coconut had limited his ability to taste the true smorgasbord of life. This is a common occurrence in our lives. We are conditioned through society into believing certain ideas are true when, in fact, they are ghostly fiction."
   -Philip, Millersburg, OH

   "I am writing to give recognition to a major healing in my life. I have worked with Dr. B for years. Our relationship has been strained -- his personality is difficult, to say the least. I found that, as long as I needed to commiserate with other nurses about the effects of his behavior, I stayed sick in terms of my relationship to him. Over the years I have tried a variety of approaches but was unable to stay the course due to something in me that kept getting triggered. I can't clearly explain what has happened over the past few weeks, but whatever it was inside me that was getting triggered has changed to something totally loving and soft in his presence. He does a great job and expects a great job from others. I can say today that I love him and am grateful for his presence in my life. Healing miracles like this are important for me to recognize."
   -Email from Barbara

"I long to see the one
whose eyes, when looked upon,
will make me See.
I long to be those eyes
for others
so they, too, may Know."
-kpl, 2000

   "I have recognized a huge piece of escapism in me. You have identified it in the past, but I recently got caught in it again under different circumstances. I try to create security by creating fixed rules for living. Nearly every rule I make works for a period of time and then it creates imbalance."
   -Email from Barbara

"When a lover of God gets ready to dance
The earth draws back and the sky trembles
Because his feet could stomp with such wild joy
That the sun, moon, and stars might tumble down.
Dearest, the world should be seen as just this fragile
A speck, a nothing against the greater reality
And everything we perceive should be accepted
Like a toy carelessly dropped from a baby's hand
As it sleeps on, peacefully nestled in God."
-Deepak Chopra

   "In Feb. 2000, right after devastating surgery, you supported, saw perfection, and the idea came forth, "Go take photos of Nature, love wild flowers, allow the creativity to come forth", if remembered correctly. Now abilities to follow guidance in finding the Perfect picture is growing, changing like all of nature. Seeing the true creation of God, and allowing God to show John how to follow that guidance and utilize the Rational mind to show a moment of time of beauty, for people to see and love. Now people want to buy photos, cards and possibly soon collections of nature and Grand Beauty of the Creator."
   -John, Austin, TX

   "I have been trying to get to write you all day. Our conversation was, shall we say, very effective. Certain understandings that prior to this eluded me, easily went "in" like a knife cutting through soft butter. Over 3 decades of conscious searching puts me in a position to understand the minds of many spiritual seekers. The q and a between us was powerful. I feel that what you have to offer is needed now in our culture. I was up for 2 hours last night with such inspiration pulsing through me."
   -Email from Denise, Trenton, NJ

On Opening into Presence

   "I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for today. What happened to me today was profound, life changing, and important. I will never be the same. Thank you for opening my eyes and my heart to who I really am."
   -With love and blessings,
    Diane, Dallas, TX

   "Dearest Carole Ann, Thank you so much for that powerful healing. I leave for school today and I take the healing I experienced with me. I love you."
   -Alice, Dallas, TX

On Conscious Health

   "My doctor said that I needed to loose weight, lower my cholesterol and threatened blood pressure pills if I didn't do something. I had heard about the Conscious Living Center from a friend who had been to a workshop with Carole Ann. She said that she felt that she could help me. Within two weeks I was beginning to feel better and had more energy. That really motivated me to keep going. I had to call a few times to get some help with meals and things to eat - I'm not a cook and like to eat out. When I went back to the doctor 3 months later, he was really pleased with my results. All my test results were normal. I had resumed golfing and was more active with other outdoor activity. I felt really great. When we planned a trip to Paris for 2 weeks, I was really afraid at what would happen. Talking with Carole Ann we developed a plan of eating for while I was there. Now it has been 9 months, the weight is staying off, I feel great and the change in life style has given me a renewed vigor in everything that I do."
   -Jeff, Buffalo, New York

   "My daughter Carla is now 12. Two years ago she was diagnosed with MD. We have been doing everything that the doctor's at the clinic have said to do but she is getting worse. Her immune system is shot from the prednisone and she keeps getting infections when we try to get her off of it to build up her immune system. Her muscles are getting weaker and she is loosing strength in her arms to lift herself. She now has difficulty getting in and out of her wheelchair. Her contractures are so bad I can hardly get deodorant under her arms and her legs are becoming deformed from the calcium deposits so that she can only stand on her toes and very poorly at that. Note: Within 4 weeks of being tested, Sally's mother called all excited. " This is so great. I had her back to the clinic and they cannot believe the difference! She can almost stand completely on her feet, she feels better and is more active. She is making such great changes that it is truly a miracle. She should be going back to school in about another week. I can't wait to bring her to see you. You will be so surprised and pleased. We just can't thank you enough. I just knew something else had to be done and it's happening."
   -Carla's Mother, Ohio

From One Client to Another

   "I have known and worked with Carole Ann since 1993. In '92 I was in a very bad car accident in Northern VA.... hit head on by a drunk driver. I felt lucky to have a therapist who encouraged me to schedule an appointment for a breath work session. I immediately went into a 'healing crisis' as a result of that session and initially felt much worse than I had although this doesn't happen to most people. After several days I began to feel somewhat better. I knew that the breath session had helped me in some way, but didn't realize how. I initially focused on the fact that I felt so much worse after the breath session. I decided to go back to "normal". It was actually some months before I decided to try again. To make a long story short that was the first time I did an intuitive test.

    Yes, initially I felt somewhat overwhelmed by the requirements of the testing. I decided to step out on faith and go for it. One thing that I did that may or may not be of help to you is to create (I typed it up) a breakdown of what I needed to do each morning (bouncing, supplements, juicing, etc.), then the things I needed to do at lunch, then dinner, then bedtime, etc. Then I put down things that I needed to do 3 x a week, once a week, etc. I taped the list on the inside door of the cabinet where I kept all of the supplements and used it as a guide. I also bought an inexpensive runners watch with an alarm so that I could schedule one supplement that I had to take 5x days.

    I also found that it helped to have the veggies cleaned and ready to go for juicing. That way I had less of an excuse not to do it. Please don't misunderstand. I did NOT always do everything exactly as scheduled. I did the best I could. I was fortunate enough to frequently see enough change/progress to keep working with it. Also, when I did slip up, or get lazy, or get angry about having to do all of this and just quit doing it for a while, I would feel worse than I had been feeling. This was often enough incentive. I also relied a lot on Carole Ann. When I was scared, angry, confused, doubting. I would email or call her. This was very helpful to me. It was during this time that I began to be more open to prayer and treatment work and having faith.

    Overall, I found that trying to stay positively focused, trying to let go of the fear and uncertainty, and having faith that I would be taken care of in some way were of tremendous importance. I hope this helps in some way. I am happy to answer other questions, if you would like."
    Pat, Los Angeles, CA

On Weekend Retreats

   "The retreat was wonderful for me! Even though I have an opportunity to do soul work at home it is always so inspiring to do it with other strong, motivated women and to take the time to look inward. I really appreciated your calming, introspection provoking ways. Thanks for a lovely weekend and many tools to continue the growth."
   -Judy, Lakeside, Ohio (Retreat Follow-up, May 2007)

On Speaking

   "Our Religious Science community is so blessed to have Carole Ann Drick as one of the speakers that we have back several times a year. During her talk, you experience your own Divinity as she guides individuals to experience the Presence of God as them. Carole Ann takes the wisdom teachings of the ages and teaches her audiences how to apply them. If you have the opportunity to invite her to your spiritual community to speak, please do! You will be inspired and raised in consciousness."
   -Michael Mangus, RScP, Religious Science Practitioner
    Director, Summit Spiritual Center, Akron, OH

   "Thank you for your beautiful and wise words. I always think of how you light up a whole room when you smile or simply walk into it! Even your e-mails are so full of light and love..."
   -Email from Mary Ellen, Baltimore, MD

   "It has been a long, long time since I have heard anyone speak with such clarity, power and depth. I can feel the healing energy flowing through my hands. Keep speaking it’s your gift, but then you already knew that. ...You are a very dynamic speaker. Don’t let anyone interfere with your marvelous Consciousness."
   -Rev Ruth McDonald
    Miracle Church of Religious Science
    Cleveland, OH
    August 2005

On Classes

   "Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for your inspired teaching and fearless leadership in The Presence Process! The class was such a gift to me."
    Joan, Nashville, TN

   "Thank you for coming to be with us. I feel so different and am mucho grateful to you and to the Presence Process. I am doing the exercise you gave to us. The fleeting thoughts and feeling that occur when I ask those questions feel like they are undoing any preconceived notions I might have had. Thank you for giving it to us. I feel strange that we won't be meeting on Wednesday. I'll miss you. But inside my heart...you are right here where I can love you in the oneness."
    Email from Susan, Ashtabula, Ohio,
    Summer 2007