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Awaken, breathe, heal, love…these are the simple yet profound words that have guided us since 1999. In that time we have grown from a vision to a thriving association that supports quality of life through education, speaking, publications, private sessions and consultation. Deeply understanding the body/mind/spirit connection and the impact that has on all aspects of our lives, we emphasize a fundamental shift in consciousness which is possible for all people. We have worked with thousands of people and groups across this planet to attain the physical and spiritual life they truly seek.

Our friends and support have come in many forms and ways including extra time and attention on a special project, publicity, creative brain storming, visioning, words of support and encouragement, complementary printing of fliers, discounts on services, advertising, word of mouth, extending the newsletter membership. These precious gifts of time and talents have been augmented and enhanced with financial gifts.

I want to personally express my deep gratitude to all the friends and support that we have had over these many years. It is you who have made and continue to make this work possible.

Thank you for transforming lives across America and around this planet -one awakening, one breath at a time as we each heal ourselves and move deeper into the love that knows no end.

…and the journey continues,
Carole Ann

Ongoing Support
Are you aware that your time, talent and gifts also say thank you on a very deep level and enable this work to move forward?

They provide a strong foundation of energy in a tangible form that gives us the ability to be available and assist more people in more places.

If you and/or your corporation are interested in supporting our ongoing service to this planet, please contact Carole Ann at 330.318.3325

Ongoing Supporters

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