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When spirit moves us deeply we have discovered the joy and freedom of responding - yes!... and following. So it is we found ourselves in the early summer of 2006 relocating the Center to Austintown, OH. Since 1989 we have been following Inner Guidance and with each awareness - large or small - we have been constantly amazed with the unfolding of this Center's outreach and our spiritual growth. Nestled in the heart of Austintown on a small lake, we begin yet another phase of planetary service work. This warm soft home with plenty of natural light and space is a beacon to "come home" to the simplicity of our true nature.

The Conscious Living and Healing Center offers private sessions, workshops, study groups, and an array of healthy living activities. Facilitators are also available to bring our offerings: private sessions, programs, workshops and intensive weekends to your area. General information on hosting our facilitators for a life altering experience is available. Please email us at: ca@livingthepresence.org.

Meet our Facilitators
Having experienced the freedom and joy of living in the present moment, our facilitators are led to share this experience with others as part of their planetary service. With the ongoing release of old thought patterns and identification with the thinking mind in their own lives, they live and express the peace, joy and freedom available to each of us. These planetary servers are available on an unending basis to aid and uphold others through ongoing expansion in consciousness. They are open to bring Conscious Awareness offerings to your area.

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Carole Ann Drick, RN, PhD, AHN-BC
Carole Ann lives at the Conscious Living Center in Austintown, Ohio. From this heart of Presence she combines teaching and private sessions with speaking engagements and travel plus gardening, yoga, grandparenting and being in the moment accepting life on life’s terms. She officiates both weddings and end of life bringing a wisdom and gentle eternal love to the celebrations. She delights both medical and lay audiences with her clarity, insight and ability to transcend the seemingly complex into simple Universal understandings. Carole Ann’s deep peace, stillness and love for human kind is reflected in her easy style and heart-felt hugs. She can be reached at: ca@livingthepresence.org.

Regionally Associated Facilitators


Virginia: Patt Thomas
Patt Thomas dances from the stillness and moves in conscious presence in and around Virginia Beach, VA. From exploring the breath, to intuitive movement, Qi Gong and moving meditation she continues to increase her visibility as an aware speaker, facilitator and insightful planetary server. Being in the present moment brings her greater and greater clarity as she ministers to herself and others. Easily approachable, Patt can be reached at: pthomas1005@gmail.com.


Kansas: Elizabeth Bachofer
Elizabeth Bachofer has been involved with Carole Ann Drick since 1989, and is an ardent supporter of the Conscious Living Center. She is passionate about assisting others through Prayer Treatment, and continues discovering the freedom of living in the stream of Present Moment Awareness. Along with Carole Ann, Elizabeth has developed the CD “Power beneath the Words”, is a contributing author in the book, Mother Stories: through our Mothers’ Death and Dying”, and is completing Practitioner Training through Center for Spiritual Living in Kansas City, Missouri. Living the Presence in the business world is a strong focus for her. She may be reached at: happyeliz@hotmail.com.


Texas: Vessel
Vessel lives on a small farm just outside Fredericksburg, Texas where she raises organically grown medicinal and culinary herbs, and heirloom vegetables for the local Farmers Market. She lends her talents to the community as a Reflexologist, Herbalist, Aromatherapist and Holistic Health care facilitator and organizer for Women’s events in and around Texas. Vessel is also a singer/songwriter making increasing public appearances. In addition she supports Living the Presence as a Facilitator for ever increasing Presence on our Planet through prayer treatment, Integrative Breathwork and Conscious Health Testing. Her creative abilities are diverse and reflect the deep inner connection she maintains with Presence. Vessel can be reached at: vessel@womenblessed.com.